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Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is © 2009 Keir Thomas. All rights reserved. It is distributed in two editions: a Print Edition, and a PDF Edition.

Provided some simple rules are followed, permission is granted for you to share the PDF Edition file with others.

In simple terms, you may pass a copy of the PDF Edition file to people you know, or upload it to file sharing networks, provided it is the unmodified and complete file as is offered for download on this website (if in doubt, download a fresh copy before sharing). You may not charge a fee for doing so.

You may share the file electronically, which is to say, via the Internet (such as email), or on a USB memory stick, or CD-ROM disc. You may not include the PDF file as part of a larger product that you sell (i.e. featuring the PDF as part of a CD or DVD-ROM disk containing a Linux distribution, for which you charge a fee, even if the fee is only for the cost of the media). You may not produce a "hard copy" (i.e. printing the book).

The granting of the permission to share the PDF file does not grant any further permissions or rights. Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is not in the public domain, nor is it free of copyright. It is protected by the same copyright as any book commercially sold right now. Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is not community-licensed documentation.

A copyright statement can be found on the first inside page of the book, and is reproduced below.

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Copyright statement

Permission is granted to redistribute electronically the unmodified and complete computer file that comprises the PDF Edition of this work. This permission does not impair or restrict the author’s moral rights, or grant any additional permissions. Without the prior written permission of the copyright owner any or all of the following is not permitted: (i) altering, editing, or otherwise modifying the file that comprises the PDF Edition of this work; (ii) printing or publishing this work in any form (including but not limited to print-on-demand services); (iii) selling, retailing, or offering in exchange for any kind of compensation the file that comprises the PDF Edition of this work or any of its content; (iv) redistributing some or all extracted or excerpted content from this work; (v) redistributing some or all content of this work in a different format (for example but not limited to HTML or plain text).

Disclaimer of warranty

The information in Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference is distributed on an “as is” basis without warranty. Although every precaution has been taken in the preparation of Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference, neither the author nor publishers shall have any liability to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference.

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