About the author

Keir Thomas is the world's most widely-read and prolific author writing about Ubuntu Linux, although he recently expanded out to write a book for Apple Mac users. His most successful book, Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference, has been downloaded over a million times, and has been an Amazon.com best-seller.

In 2005 he was amongst the first to realize the massive potential of Ubuntu. He persuaded Apress to let him write a book and the result was Beginning Ubuntu Linux.

Published in March 2006, Beginning Ubuntu Linux was the first English-language book to cover Ubuntu and went on to win a Linux Journal Editor's Choice award. It was followed by several updated editions.

In 2008 Thomas joined forces with The Pragmatic Programers to publish Ubuntu Kung Fu. Described by Thomas as "a one-chapter book full of fun tips", it is an innovative title that provides over 300 tips, tricks, hints, and hacks for Ubuntu. Like Beginning Ubuntu Linux, it has proven to be a best-seller.

Thomas is also the author of Beginning SUSE Linux, which has seen two successive editions, and Beginning Fedora (with Shashank Sharma). He has edited books on subjects as diverse as Ruby and enterprise e-commerce, and formerly edited Linux User & Developer magazine, and has a decade's experience as a journalist.

Thomas lives in the United Kingdom and is a full-time author. His pastimes include hill walking, vegetable gardening, and sneezing.

Reviewers' comments

"I've read lots of good books about Ubuntu and Linux in the past few months. This is the first great book."
— Arsgeek.com review of Beginning Ubuntu Linux

"Keir Thomas walks you through the whole Ubuntu experience from beginning to end, comforting you with a calm voice when you might be feeling a bit lost … He has done a great and thorough job."
— Free Software Magazine review of Beginning Ubuntu Linux

"What is amazing is that the author explains all these topics in a very simple and lucid manner which makes it easy for even a lay person to understand … All in all a good book which is both informative and entertaining at the same time."
— Slashdot review of Beginning Ubuntu Linux

"Wow! There are some great tips here! … I found much in this book to inspire me and to teach me, and it answered lingering questions I didn't know I had."
— Matthew Helmke, administrator of Ubuntuforums.org, writing about Ubuntu Kung Fu

"Excellent. The tips are fun and the hope of discovering hidden gems makes it a worthwhile task."
— John Southern, former editor of Linux Magazine, writing about Ubuntu Kung Fu

Amazon reader comments

"Linux beginners are well served by this book … The best introduction and [one of] the best transition tools into the Linux world."
— J Onyx writing about Beginning Ubuntu Linux

"Content plus readability … AHHH!"
— H. K. Juelch writing about Beginning Ubuntu Linux

"I have read a lot of linux books over the years, and this is one of the first that I really enjoyed … I ended up reading it cover to cover."
— Lynda Brewer writing about Ubuntu Kung Fu

"Thomas does a great job of explaining how to secure your computer and how to do tasks that a Windows user might need to know … Thank you Mr. Thomas for this superb introduction to Linux."
— T. Volscho writing about Beginning SUSE Linux

"[A] most complete guide … If you only buy one book, please, please buy this one—you will not regret it."
— Rudi writing about Beginning SUSE Linux